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Paris Tours & Activities - Paris Pastry Or Baking Class

Paris Pastry or Baking Classes

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Enjoy a half-day Paris baking or pastry class in English

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Get acquainted with the art of French baking and pastry making.  The class is operated by our preferred Paris cooking school - Cook'n with Class.

Price: $185

Half-day French cooking classes available.

About Our Paris Dessert and Pastry Class

You will prepare, from scratch, several French pastries and desserts, using fresh seasonal ingredients only.

Typical desserts made: creme brulee, molten chocolate cake, soufflé au Grand marnier, madeleines, and fruit tart with pastry cream.

All class participants will work on every stage of the recipes. Students will be invited to take home the day's creations. Class duration - around 3 hours - Available Monday, Wednesday and Saturday at 2:00 pm.

A group of typical Parisian pastries.

About Our Paris Baking Class

Flour, water, yeast, butter. It’s a short list from which a myriad of baked goods can be made. In the course of three hours, students will learn proper technique, preparing breakfast pastries such as croissant, pain au chocolat, and brioche.

On the savory side, foolproof pizza dough and pie crust recipes will be shared by the master baker. All the preparations will be eaten in-house accompanied with hot chocolate, tea or coffee. You can also choose to take them "to go".

Note that dough which requires overnight resting will be prepped ahead of time for use by the class. Class duration - around 3 hours - Available Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday at 9:00 am

Laura G. LinkParis.comWhy we love this class - We brought along our then-6-year-old for an afternoon of making French bistro desserts. Amazing.  And got a lot of desserts to go.  I learned how to get egg shell out of a  batter - use another piece of egg shell to grab it. It works every time!- Laura