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Day Trip From Paris - Mont St. Michel And Brittany Overnight
Tourists from Paris visit the old town of Saint Malo.
A view of the old town and harbor of St. Malo from across the bay.
The chapel inside of Mont St. Michel Abbey.
A view of the marshland surrounding Mont Saint Michel castle in France.
Historic Mont St. Michel abbey from across the flats in Normandy, France.
Half-timbered houses in the medieval city of Dinan, France.
A TGV train bound for the city of St. Malo sits at Gare Montparnasse in Paris.

Mont St. Michel and Brittany Overnight

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Experience Mont St. Michel and Brittany over two days

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Overnight trip from Paris to Saint Malo plus a day trip to Mont St. Michel and the medieval village of Dinan.

Price: $375 per person, $524.00 with 2nd Class Rail and $624 with 1st Class Rail

Hotel night can be Sunday, Tuesday or Wednesday, with touring on Monday, Wednesday or Thursday. Groups of 4 or more can be accommodated any day of the week upon request.

Day 1 Itinerary

  • Travel from Paris Montparnasse rail station to St. Malo by high speed rail
  • Self guided visit of the charming old town of St. Malo
  • Check in to your hotel in St. Malo and spend the evening exploring the enchanting walled city. Stroll along the beach, visit the casino, and have a leisurely meal.

An aerial view of the medieval town of Saint Malo in Brittany, France.

St. Malo and harbor from the air.

Day 2 Itinerary

  • Enjoy breakfast at your hotel.
  • Morning pickup by guide and bag transfer
  • Day tour of Dinan and Mont St. Michel (see below)
  • Evening transfer to Rennes for train back to Paris

About Mont St. Michel and Dinan


Medieval streets in the village of Dinan, France.

Along the river Rance, just a few miles from St. Malo, is the preserved medieval village of Dinan. As a river town, the village was an important focus of trade in the Middle Ages. Rather than along the river banks and in the flats, village houses and shops climb high up into the hills, making the town ready to defend in case of attack - be it by pirates or invaders.

Mont Saint Michel

Mont St. Michel and the surrounding marshland at dusk.

Medieval monk Aubert (later the sainted bishop of Avranches) was visited by a seemingly impossible vision from archangel Michael, instructing him to build a monastery atop a rock cut off by tides twice a day. Over many centuries his vision was made reality, and the result, Mont St. Michel, is now the second-most-visited site in France, after the Eiffel Tower.

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