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Visit Provence with Link Paris

Provence is much like California, if you added old Roman roads and darling rocky hilltop villages to the mix.  France has a designation for small towns of character: “Beautiful Villages of France”. Provence has an awful lot of them. On your visit, don’t miss Gordes, Menherbes and most of the Luberon.

Lavender in the beautiful region of Provence under a blue sky.

And how do you feel about food? You are in France so we assume “feed me well” is your mantra. Provence will gladly load you up with truffles, pizza, olives, goat cheese, rose wine and Rhone wine, olive oil, lamb sausage and pasta. There is more than a touch of Tuscany here.The bigger towns are Avignon (famous for being the seat of the Pope for 100 years), Aix (a slice of Paris) and Arles (the story of Van Gogh). You should see all three, and you can, over just a couple of days.

And don’t forget the lavender fields, in their prime throughout July and August.  Suffice to say if you think anyone has exaggerated about how great their visit to Provence was, they weren’t.  It’s that special.

Provence is our favorite part of France.  Reach out so we can help you plan the perfect Provence vacation.