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Tarte Tatin
A Ferrandi chef inverts a tarte tatin onto a serving platter
Cooking class dining area with cookbooks.
Candied almonds drop onto a silicon mat.
Individual cooking stations face a Paris street view.
A Ferrandi chef peels a Golden apple.
Galerie Lafayette cooking atelier with individual cooking stations

Tarte Tatin or Macaron Baking Class

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Enjoy a  2 hour Paris dessert class in English

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Pick your day and you pick your dessert. Choose either Tarte Tatin or Macarons. Class is offered by Galeries Lafayette

Tarte Tatin

Available Monday and Saturday at  2 p.m.  $180

Enter the beautiful cooking atelier on the 3rd floor of the Galeries Lafayette for an empowering 2 hour class under the direction of a Ferrandi Cooking School chef,  Don your apron and get a quick reminder on how to handle a (very sharp) culinary knife safely. Class duration - around 2 hours


Available Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday $85

Learn the secrets of this light and sweet egg white-based dessert.  Class duration - around 1.5 hours