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Rhone Alpes and Lyon

The Rhone Alpes region of France is located in the south east of France just two hours from Paris via high speed TGV train.

The Rhone Alpes is a diverse region with Europe's highest peak (Mont Blanc), seemingly endless lavender fields, clear blue lakes, and historic vineyards.

Roman ruins in Lyon, France

Roman ruins in the Rhone Alpes

The capital of the Rhone Alpes is the city of Lyon, which is France's de facto technological and medical center. The region is home to 9 universities and 31 graduate business schools. Roman ruins can also be found throughout the city of Lyon.

Great and inventive cooking is one of the Rhone Alpes most cherished traditions. Famous French chefs such as Bise, Blanc, Bocuse, Chapel, Chavent, Gagnaire, Orsi, Pic, Point, all call the Rhone Alpes home.

Lyon, France

World Heritage City

Lyon is a city of history. Two thousand years of history have left their mark on Lyon's landscape. From Roman ruins to the medieval old town to the fine arts museum, Lyon surely deserves the moniker of World Heritage City by UNESCO.

Lyon old town.

Situated in the heart of the Rhone-Alpes region, Lyon is the third largest city in France with a population of about 500,000. It is also world renown for it's restaurants and art. With over 200 hotels Lyon and the region offer a large range of possibilities for welcoming visitors. 

Lyon - Some Highlights

  • Roman Theatres asnd Old Renaissance Lyon.
  • Boat trips along the Rhone river
  • Silk workshops
  • Fine arts Museum
  • Downtown Market

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