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Museum National Picasso

The exterior of the 17th century mansion Aubert-de-Fontenay - Now home to the Musee Picasso.

Hôtel Salé, 5, rue de Thorigny , 75003 Paris 
 Saint-Paul, Chemin-Vert, Filles du Calvaire 
 29, 69, 76, 93

History of the Picasso Museum

Although a native of Spain, Picasso's adult life was centered around Paris. After his death in 1973 the French state inherited many of Picasso's works. Wisely, the French government decided to form a museum dedicated to the life and work of Pablo Picasso.

Picasso knew no bounds of creativity. Painting, sculpture, sketches, ceramics - Picasso conquered them all.

The exterior of the Picasso Museum in Paris, France.

A former 17th century hotel in the trendy Marais district was chosen as the site of the Picasso museum. The hotel's restoration and conversion to a museum was completed in 1985.

The museum holds a total of over 3,400 works of Picasso. Works of Picasso's contemporaries such as Cezanne and Matisse have been added over the years.