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Images That Will Make You Want To Visit Provence

We love Provence.  In my dreams I own an apartment in Paris and a house in Provence.  It is such a beautiful region.  Here are a few images to get your travel juices flowing.

A stone house in Provence.

There are thousands upon thousands of charming streets and homes in Provence.  Just being around them is healing.  This one is in the village of Vence.

Bread and baked goods in Provence.

I know, I know.  It's Provence.  Marseilles. The Mediterranean.  So yes, this should be a picture of a fish dish, but food in Provence is so much more than that!  Fig or raisin bread anyone?

Lavender fields in Provence.

Lavender is everywhere in Provence, but to see fields look like this best to be there in June or July.

Calanques in Provence

These ocean "valleys" in Provence are known as calanques and they are exactly as breathtaking and beautiful as they look in the above photo.

We offer several options to tour Provence from Paris.  We'd love to help you arrange a tour!