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Sports and Leisure in Normandy

Sea and river pleasures: Normandy is known as a port of call for many cruise lines. Stops at Le Havre are very common. From Le Havre, trips to the D-Day landing beaches, Mont St. Michel, or even Paris are possible (contact us for more details).

River cruises, and fishing excursions are also available throughout the region. Sailing and windsurfing are available at Deauville, Trouville, Fécamp and Granville among others.

Biking, Hiking and the great outdoors: Cycling is popular in Normandy especially along the coast, which is not too hilly; in the Cotentin Peninsula, with little traffic; in the rolling hills of Suisse Normande dotted with villages and picnic spots; or the Seine Valley. The Suisse Normande is also a great area for canoeing, rock climbing, and hiking.  Hikers will love the Parc Regional de Normandie-Maine, Parc Regional de Brotonne, Parc Regional du Perche, or the Parc des Marais du Cotentin etdu Bessin. Normandy has ten long-distance walking itineraries and 7500 km paths with signposts as well as lots of footpaths for shorter walks.

Horseback riding is available throughout the region. Rural trails will delight and relax you. Or, take in the horse races at the prestigious Deauville racetrack. Le Pin national Stud at Haras du Pin is also worth a visit.

Golf: There are 37 golf courses in Normandy, of which 25 have 18-hole courses, including a scenic course atop a cliff near Etretat. The resort town of Deauville has four courses alone. At Le Vaudreuil, set in a park between two branches of the river Eure sits one of Normandy's most beautiful golf courses. Other sites include the Château du Champs de Bataille and Bellême.