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Brittany Cooking and Food

As a major supplier of France's vegetables and seafood, Brittany rewards visitors with hearty, fresh fare from the earth and the sea, and with its famous crepes filled with sweets like chocolate or fruit, or savory mushrooms, cheese or eggs.

Nowadays, Brittany is identified as being a full gastronomic region. This wasn't always the case; in the past the region's cuisine did not get a lot of acclaim.
Kind of hard to believe that was ever the case with all of the award-winning chefs in Brittany, the amazing seafood, and the fantastic bistros that currently dot the Brittany landscape.

Brittany Seafood

Here Brittany excels, with abundant oysters (particularly the meaty ones from Belon and Cancale), shrimp, crayfish, crab and scallops. Atlantic lobster is also a mainstay of Breton menus, prepared in a cream sauce or grilled.

The seafood platter tops the bill in many of Brittany's best eateries. In order to ensure freshness and variety, restaurateurs have signed a charter with the government guaranteeing an "authentic Breton platter of fresh seafood".

As a general rule, a Brittany seafood platter will include a variety of langoustines, rock or spider crabs, oysters, velvet swimming crabs, prawns, clams, winkles, whelks, mussels, and queen scallops.  Of course it all depends on the fisherman’s catch of the day.

Could there be anything simpler and more appealing than a generous seafood platter, accompanied by a fine gourmet sauce, fresh citrus and a glass of crips white wine?  If a fresh seafood platter is not your style, Breton chefs make many fish dishes that will please your senses. Delicate sauces, fresh fish, and innovative vegetable dishes are sure to please.

All in all Brittany is a seafood lover's paradise.

Restaurants du Terroir

When you choose a restaurant labeled as a “Restaurant du Terroir” you will not only get a good meal, but a chance to experience an authentic, delightful, and traditional part of Brittany cuisine.

“Restaurant du Terroir” restaurants are committed to serving at least one full meal using  only local products. A great way to experience Brittany indeed! Most restaurants will change this menu daily as the availability of items in Brittany changes frequently.

Look for the “Restaurant du Terroir” logo when traveling around Brittany.

Tables et saveurs de Bretagne

The "Tables et saveurs de Bretagne" guide simply lists the best of the best restaurants in Brittany. To be included in the guide restaurants must have at least one Michelin star. 

The list is updated yearly.

Crêperies Gourmandes

As one of the major food highlights in Brittany, a crêpes meal should not be left out during your trip. The whole family will enjoy buckwheat galettes in its traditional form with fresh ham (the “complète jambon”), or elegantly served with smoked salmon, or sweet crêpes ready to satisfy any dessert craving.

The label “Crêperies Gourmandes” is supported by the Regional Committee of Tourism, and regular a “secret shopper” is sent out to make sure that the crepes (crêpe) are made are in accordance with the criteria set by the regional Crêperie Gourmande committee.

So don't wait, while in Brittany enjoy the service provided by talented crêpe professionals and treat yourself to a meal that will delight and surprise even the most discerning of palates.

Cafés de Pays

Step into a Café de Pays to experience an authentic slice of life in western France. Take some time and try a plate of Breton food, or “Assiette de Pays” for lunch or dinner, and why not sip a glass of Breton beer or cider in the meantime? The label Cafés de Pays is attached to the popular tradition of Breton cafés, that are not only meeting places, but also provide room for creative types, particularly as live music venues. Poke your head into one if you see a Cafe du Pays and check out the cultural happenings, from performing arts, to exhibitions of art and local history.

An outdoor sign and a special logo make it easy to recognize them. For more information visit

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