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Trocadero Restaurants (16th,17th)

B = Breakfast, L = Lunch, D = Dinner, MC = Mastercard, V = Visa. AE = American Express, DC = Discover Card, Prices range from low (€) to very expensive (€€€€€)

6 NEW YORK - Owned by two-star chef Jean-Pierre Vigato (Apicius), this chic modern spot offers dishes such as langoustine pizza with spinach sprouts, or filet of sale with mushrooms and herbs. Mon-Fri L&D, Sat D only. €€ (AE, MC. V) 6 ave de New York (16th), Paris Metro Symbol Alma-Marceau

59 POINCARE - Three-star chef Alain Ducasse supervises the kitchen of this restaurant which has enlarged its original beef-Iobster-vegetables-and-fruits formula to include such varied dishes as sea bream with lime and saffron. Beautiful wood-paneled room upstairs. Tue-Fri L&D, Sat D. €€€ (Cards: all) 59 ave Raymond Poincare (16th), Paris Metro Symbol Victor Hugo

ASTRANCE (L') - Reserve several months ahead for this one-star restaurant with stylish decor and wonderful, if extremely expensive, food including delicate mushroom tarte with foie gras, woodcock with roast figs, elderberries and orange marmalade. Dinner is a fixed-price degustation menu only. Wed-Sun L&D, Tue D. Lunch menus 70-150€, dinner 150€ only. (AE, D, MC, V) 4 rue Beethoven (16th), Paris Metro Symbol Passy

AUBERGE DAB (L') - A lively and crowded two-story brasserie serving good seafood platters, traditional meat and fish dishes, and classic desserts including creme brulee. A late night Paris favorite. Daily L&D until 2 am. €€ (Cards: all) 161 ave Malakoff (16th), Paris Metro Symbol Porte Maillot

AUBERGE DU MOUTON BLANC (L') - Rustic bistro serving classic fare including an all-you-can-eat leg of lamb. Good value set menu with aperitif, four courses, wine and coffee. Daily L&D. € (Cards: all) 40 rue d'Auteuil (16th), Paris Metro Symbol Michel-Ange-Auteuil

BISTROT DE L'ETOILE LAURISTON - A modern bistro serving good, creative modern French food: cauliflower soup with chorizo ravioli, fresh tuna with anchovy potatoes. Mon-Fri L&D, Sat D only.€€ (Cards: all) 19 rue Lauriston (17th), Paris Metro Symbol Charles-de-Gaulle-Etoile

BON - Six strikingly different decors by designer Philippe Starck, and now new management and a new chef offering a trendy European fusion menu. Mon-Fri L&D, D only. €€ (AE, V) 25 rue de la Pompe (16th), Paris Metro Symbol La Muette; the more central BON 2 is open daily L&D. 2 rue du Quatre-Septembre (2nd), Paris Metro Symbol Bourse

CHALET DES ILES (LE) - A short, delightful boat ride across a lake to this rustic, chalet-style island restaurant, which offers a few modern fusion dishes along with simple classic cuisine, pastas and salads. Mon-Sat L&D, Sun L. €€ (Cards: all) 14 chemin Ceinture du Lac Inferieur du Bois de Boulogne (16th), Paris Metro Symbol Rue de la Pompe, then taxi or on foot into the Bois at the Porte de la Muette

CAIUS - Chef Jean-Marc Notelet, formerly of Le Troyan, has taken over this address, changed the name and completely revised the cuisine, offering inventive contemporary dishes-root vegetables with Maldon salt and Cameroon penja pepper, braised beef cheeks with cocoa-spiked with a wide array of unusual spices. Mon-Fri L&D, Sat D only. €€ (MC, V). 6 rue d'Armailie (17th), Paris Metro Symbol Argentine

CHATEAUBRIAND (LE) - (Kosher) A traditional restaurant serving kosher versions of classic French cuisine, including foie gras, breast of duck with honey and ginger, and crepes Suzette Jambees. Sun-Fri L&D. €€ (AE, MC, V) 125 rue de Toqueville (17th), Paris Metro Symbol Wagram

CONGRES AUTEUIL/MAILLOT - A traditional French brasserie specializing in oysters and seafood but also serving steaks, charcuterie and creme brulee. Daily L&D. €€ (Cards: all) 144 blvd Exelmans (16th), Paris Metro Symbol Porte d'Auteuil AS; 80 ave de la Grande Armee (16th), Paris Metro Symbol Porte Maillot

CRISTAL ROOM BACCARAT - A lush restaurant in the palatial headquarters of the crystal manufacturer, serving rich modern cuisine: lobster thermidor, dessert ravioli with cocoa, parmesan and raisins. Mon-Sat B, L, tea & D, (8:30 am-10:30 pm, reservations only; new quick "gallery lunch" 12:30-5 pm without reservation) €€/€€€ (Cards: all) 11 place des Etats-Unis (16th), Paris Metro Symbol Boissiere

ENTREDGEU (L') - Chef Philippe Tredgeu is drawing crowds to this tiny bistro with a reasonable fixed-price menu and very good food: sea bream with olive oil and artichokes, wild duck with red cabbage. Tue-Sat L& D. € (MC, V) 83 rue Laugier (17th), Paris Metro Symbol Porte de Champerret

GRANDE CASCADE (LA) - An ornate Second Empire hunting pavilion in a wooded park, at the food of an impressive waterfall, where the Michelin one-star menu includes such treats as lobster, clams, and calamari en cocotte with tiny artichokes and an aged rum savarin with rum-raisin ice cream and vanilla sauce. Daily L&D. €€€€ (Cards: all) Allee de Longchamp, Bois de Boulogne, Paris Metro Symbol Porte Maillot

GUY SAVOY - Guy Savoy supervises several very successful "baby bistros" around town, but he is always found in the kitchen of his three-star flagship restaurant. Everything's wonderful here, including the striking decor by Jean-Michel Wilmotte, but don't miss the raw oysters with oyster puree and gelee, the artichoke/truffle soup, or the wonderful desserts. Mon-Fri L&D, Sat D. €€€€€ (Cards: all) 18 rue Troyan (17th), Paris Metro Symbol Charles-de-Gaulle-Etoile

HIRAMATSU - A new address forthis one-star restaurant run by one of Japan's top chefs, offering such delicacies as foie gras with cabbage, wood dove in a salmis sauce, or pear-and-champagne cotton candy. Mon-Fri L&D.€€€€ (Cards: all) 52 rue de Longchamp (16th), Paris Metro Symbol Trocadero

JAMIN - Chef Benoit Guichard, who took over this elegant restaurant from Joel Robuchon, has two Michelin stars of his own, earned for such creative dishes as ravioli with langoustines and juniper berry sauce. Mon-Fri L&D. €€€ (Cards: all) 32 rue de Longchamp (16th), Paris Metro Symbol lena

MICHEL ROSTANG - Two-star chef Michel Rostang's specialty is rich Lyonnais cuisine, including a black truffle "sandwich." Excellent wine cellar. Mon & Sat D, Tue-Fri L&D. €€€€ (Cards: all) 20 rue Rennequin (17th), Paris Metro Symbol Ternes

NOURA - (Lebanese) The most popular Lebanese restaurant in town, offering bountiful helpings of really good mezze, lemon chicken and fish brochettes. Daily L&D. Open late, takeout service. € (Cards: all) 27-29 ave Marceau (16th), Paris Metro Symbol Alma-Marceau

PAOLO PETRINI - (ltalian) Sophisticated Tuscan cuisine that some say is the best Italian food in Paris: zucchini-and- ricotta ravioli, chianina beef steak with herbed olive oil, praline and pistachio tiramisu. Mon-Fri L&D, Sat D.€€€(AE, MC, V) 6 rue du Debarcadere (17th), Paris Metro Symbol Porte Maillot

PRE CATELAN - An elegant, century-old two-star retreat in the Bois de Boulogne, where chef Frederic Anton serves such delicious, inventive dishes as small etrille crabs in gelee, or veal sweetbreads with artichokes, fresh herbs and capers. Tue-Sat L&D, Sun L. €€€€ (Cards: all) Porte de Suresne, Bois de Boulogne (16th), Car or taxi recommended

PRUNIER - A 1925 Art Deco restaurant run by Yves Saint- Laurent couture partner Pierre Berge. The specialty is caviar-French, Iranian, Venetian, €90-215 per spoonful along with fresh oysters and salmon. Mon-Sat 11 am-1 am. €€€€ (Cards: all) 16 ave Victor Hugo (16th), Paris Metro Symbol Victor Hugo

SORA LENA - A restaurant with a handsome contemporary decor and a menu that offers modern updates on Corsican and Italian cuisine, including mozzarella and vegetable millefeuille with sauteed shrimp, pear-and-gorgonzola risotto, tagliatelle with wiId mushrooms and figs. Mon-Fri L&D, Sat D only. €€ (MC, V) 18 rue Bayen (17th), Paris Metro Symbol Ternes

SORMANI - (Italian) One of the city's finest Italian restaurants, where chef Jean-Pascal Faye!'s Michelin one-star menu offers such dishes as polenta with black truffles, "peasant" risotto with Naples sausage or classic calf's liver venitienne. Mon-Fri L&D. €€€ (MC, V) 4 rue du General Lanrezac (17th), Paris Metro Symbol Charles-de-Gaulle-Etoile

STRINGFELLOWS - The Paris branch of Stringfellow's London lap dancing club, serving modern French food: goat cheese ravioli, breast of duck with lime. Mon-Sat D only. €€€ (MC, V) 27 ave des Ternes (17th), Paris Metro Symbol Charles-de-Gaulle-Etoile

TABLE DE JOEL ROBUCHON (LA) - Former three-star chef I'fI Joel Robuchon's second venture (see L'Atelier, 6th) since coming out of "retirement". Under his guidance (he doesn't cook any more), the kitchen serves tapas- sized creations as crab with avocado or laquered quail with summer truffles. Daily L&D €€€€ (MC, V) 16 ave Bugeaud (16th), Paris Metro Symbol Victor Hugo

TABLE DE LUCULLUS (LA) - There is nothing but wild fish served in this small, insiders' restaurant with blackboard walls, where the slightly eccentric chef Nicolas Bagnon cooks the freshest catches of the day, grilled, sauteed, roasted or poached. Tue-Sat L&D. €€€ (MC, V) 129 rue Legendre (17th), Paris Metro Symbol La Fourche

TAIRA - (Franco-Japanese) Chef Taira Kurihara's small seafood restaurant is remarkable for his original mix of culinary cultures, in dishes such as turbot ravioli with oysters, or scallops with beet sauce and purple potato puree. Mon-Fri L&D, Sat D. €€€ (AE, DC, MC, V) 10 rue des Acacias (17th), Paris Metro Symbol Argentine

Champs Elysees/Trocadero Ratings

Link Paris Neighborhood Rating:

"Must See" Five Star Paris
Area Hotel Quality: Four Star Paris
Safety Four Star Paris
Convenience Five Star Paris
Overall Travel Experience and Recommendation Five Star Paris

("Five Towers" is the highest rating possible)


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